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August 6, 2019



Ever have so much to do that you just decide to take a nap instead? Chances are, if you are feeling stressed enough, you might just need that nap, so nap it up, my friend. There is no harm in taking one. As a current grad student, I am no stranger to stress. I recently doubled my course load to ensure that I’d finish my master’s by March 2020. Between school, managing my business and this blog, helping my folks out, writing a novel, and nurturing my marriage, my stress-levels can get pretty high. I’m not a pro, by any means, but I have taught myself how to better manage the stress. I’ve compiled a list of things that work for me and might work for you, too!


1.) Get off social media. Delete the apps off of your phone! You don’t realize how much you are comparing yourself to other people until you don’t have that option any longer. You’ll feel disconnected for a bit, but ultimately, you’ll feel happier because of it. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but a little break every now and then will feel good. I recently blogged about this experience here.


2.) Wash your face. As most of you know, I use Rodan + Fields products (no, this isn’t a pitch). I use a variety of different things depending on how much better I want to feel in that moment. If I’m really stressed, in addition to my regular routine, I’ll exfoliate and maybe do a face mask. Heck, just splashing some water on your face might do the trick for you. I don’t know your life.


3.) Wash your hair. I don’t know how everyone else normally does it, but I wash my hair once maybe twice a week. Every time I wash my hair, I immediately feel 10 degrees less stressed (I don’t know if you can measure stress in degrees, but I’m doing so today). I feel like I need to clarify here: this is different than SHOWERING. I shower every day for y’all nasties out there automatically assuming I don’t. Speaking of showering, that brings me to my next suggestion.


4.) Take a shower (or a bath if you’ve got a tub). If I’m having a crummy day or just in a funk, a quick shower rejuvenates me just enough to turn my day around. If you’ve got time, drop in a bath bomb, turn on some tunes, light some candles, and straight take a nap in the tub. This brings me to my next suggestion.


5.) Take a nap. Why do some people equivocate taking a nap with being lazy? I don’t get that. If you’re sleepy, I feel like it’s better to nap than consume copious amounts of caffeine.


6.) Exercise. It doesn’t need to be hours and hours either. My husband and I work out on average about 20 minutes 4-5x a week, and most of the workouts we do could be done at home. 20 minutes! That’s all. When people find out we do CrossFit, they automatically think we spend hours exercising. I’m not about that life, y’all. We workout really hard for a short amount of time, and it makes us feel so good! If exercising isn’t your cup of tea, simply go outside and take a big breath (hopefully you don’t live next to any livestock).


7.) Eat the food that you want. I don’t mean binge/stress eat, but if you want pizza, eat the pizza. Denying yourself what you’re craving isn’t going to make you feel any better.


8.) Journal. Writing down how you’re feeling can help release tension. If someone has hurt or upset you, writing a letter to them with no intention of ever sending it can feel good!


9.) Listen to music. I love driving places by myself because I can listen to whatever I want, as loud as I want. Oh, and don’t forget to sing along, too. Here’s a tip: if you are a terrible singer like me, turn the music up loud enough so that it drowns out your off-key singing.


10.) Organize/clean. This one isn’t for everybody, but for some people, organizing their house or room can pretty much feel like getting their life together.


11.) SLEEP. Try to go to bed early, and if you can, sleep in. I get it – that is not always an option. If you can’t sleep for whatever reason that is, then try numbers 1-9 listed above.


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