Welcome! I am excited that you are here to learn about how you can redefine your future by launching your own business on your own terms. Find out what's possible when you combine the biggest names in skincare, an innovative business model, and clinically proven anti-aging products created by the Proactiv® doctors. We are currently the #1 skincare brand in the U.S. across all price points and channels! We hit $1B in sales last year and have sustained nearly 80% growth year over year. Currently we are in North America and most recently in Australia as we continue our global expansion!



Is this right for me?

The short answer is "YES!" No matter what your personality, market size, market type, background, job training, schedule, stage of life, etc., we ALL have the capability of doing well with R+F. The only thing you MUST be is coachable. Ask yourself if you are willing to learn from others who have proven success. By joining our team, you will have access to the BEST available training out there. The best part is, it is accessible via computer and/or phone, so you don't have to go anywhere but the comfort of your living room or car to learn how to succeed. It is all mobile, so you can do it when you want and how you want. You work for yourself but not by yourself. Our team is especially supportive, collaborative, and encouraging.


Why Rodan+Fields?

Besides what has been stated above about the caliber of our doctors, the community of support, and our amazing clinically proven products, our company's innovation is what really sets us apart from any other skincare company out there! In just the past year. we launched not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new products and even a revamped tool that put us on the map when it was first released many years ago. Our doctors and research team are constantly finding ways to keep us at the cutting edge of the skincare industry,  and we create products that are exclusive to us with technology no one else has access to. That is unique and powerful! Our company and our products get countless media mentions, and we don't pay a cent for any of it!


Here are a few of those reviews:

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Glamour: https://www.glamour.com/branded/article/gla/rodan-fields-redefine-review-before-after-pictures


What Would I Actually Be Doing?

We consider ourselves "brand ambassadors" doing two things. We promote an award winning product and a life-changing business venture. From the product side, we are not a "home parties company", and we do not stock inventory. The great thing about promoting consumable result-oriented products is the ability to earn residual income. As people re-order products they love over and over again, you get paid over and over again for work you did once! If you are willing to be intentional in conversation, you will do great! It's about sharing what we do and what we have to offer with anyone with skin... which is everyone!


How Do I Get Paid?

1) Our core compensation plan -- We have one of the best pay plans in the channel that allows you to earn profit and commission on your customer sales as well as a small commission on the sales generated by your team. This is one of the greatest ways to earn residual income (and residual income is hard to come by unless you are a songwriter who gets paid every time his/her music is played).
2) Bonuses -- As part of our new SPARK program, you have the opportunity to earn cash bonuses during your first few full months in business as you begin to grow your team and add customers to your organization. This can match or exceed your investment cost!
3) Performance incentives -- Your team grows exponentially, and you are paid on all your customers who are elated with their skin and re-ordering throughout the years. People have been on Proactiv® auto-ships for over 20 years! Imagine that for residual income! It is one of the smartest business models out there. On the back-end, we have incredible incentives! We have a car program with a FREE Lexus of choice as well as luxury trips to places like Napa Valley, Maui, Paris, and Thailand. We don’t just get paid--we get recognized.

Click here to read our Income Disclosure Statement (U.S.A.).
Click here to read our Compensation Plan Overview document.

*Independent Consultants' business results vary significantly, and no income is promised or guaranteed. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including leadership, business experience, expertise, quality and depth of your network, and individual effort. Potential Consultants are urged to perform their own due diligence prior to making any decision to participate.


Getting Started Options

Based on your residence, choose:
USA Getting Started Options
CAN Getting Started Options


AUS Getting Started Options

All kits provide an incredible value. While there are four options per country, the top two options will set you up for the most success and provide you with the biggest discount. Our monthly overhead is only about $100 which includes two important things:
1) Our "back office" and all of the tools and resources provided there (only $25 per month).
2) Personal product ($80) because of course you want to be using the product and be a walking billboard for what you are representing. We equip you to earn your investment back quickly as we want you to profit as soon as possible. To be able to start a business-in-a-box where everything is done for you with this minimal of an investment is unheard of! Ask anyone who has started their own business! I should mention we offer a 60-day money back guarantee for BOTH our consultants and our customers which is really incredible as obviously that shows the business venture is risk-free. The only risk I see is not giving it a try!

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