Jesus follower. wife. lover of fitness + food. cat mom. pizza aficionado. skincare guru. Netflix-binger.

Welcome to Rodan and all the Feels! I'm Erin.

Welcome to Rodan and all the Feels! My name is Erin, and I am 29 years young. My husband and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, and we have one furry kid: a cat named Penny. I am a former personal trainer turned health and wellness advocate and now a Rodan + Fields® skincare consultant. I love helping those around me look and feel their best, inside and out! Skincare isn't my true passion, but this business has given me the freedom to live life on my own terms. I AM passionate about sharing this business with those around me so that they may also have the opportunity to do the same.
I chose the name Rodan and all the Feels simply because this Rodan + Fields® skincare business has given me "all the feels", in that it has given me clear skin, confidence, and financial freedom. This platform isn't solely dedicated to promoted my skincare business. I also promote health and wellness through my own experiences with fitness, nutrition, relationships, and sobriety. So whether you are a customer, business partner, friend, or stranger, I hope you read something that encourages you or makes you smile. Thanks for visiting!



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